Collage of several screenshots of the University of Minnesota Extension website.

University of Minnesota Extension

The project

The Extension website is my "baby." I was hired into Extension with the idea that we would redesign the site. Through the process, we not only redesigned, but restructured the information architecture, created a ton of materials that drives the creation of the site's content (content strategy, accessibility standards, etc), reduced the number of pages (~7,000 to 3,000!), and moved from a fully hard coded site to the Drupal CMS.

I had the privilege of being involved from the start to finish, and was able to have a large voice in all the decisions that were made. From card sorts and tree testing to the nit-picky SCSS changes, my hand was in it all.

My favorite part:

The satisfaction of bringing such a huge change to an organization that has had (essentially) the same site since the beginning of the internet is a feeling that is irreplaceable.

Skills I used:

SCSS, HTML, UX, UI, JS, Drupal, IA

Check out the site!

What I learned:

  • SCSS
  • Drupal
  • Accessibility
  • Card sorting
  • Tree testing
  • Leading meetings
  • Creating an information architecture
  • GitHub

My projects

VHB website